ZIRCOMAT Direct-insertion zirconia oxygen analyzers

Stack O2 measurement and control can dramatically improve your boiler’s efficiency. Field proven in over 25 years of service, the revolutionary, modular ZIRCOMAT zirconia O2 analyzers offer significant installation, operation and service benefits over other analyzers on the market. It’s suitable for oil, gas, coal and other high-ash applications that the competition just can’t handle.

All units feature a special oxygen detector that will mount to any model or length of probe during installation. This unique patented design allows the oxygen detector and sample gas filter to be field serviced by the user without the need for probe removal from the hot gas stream – one person can quickly detach the detector from the probe mounting flange.
The detector can be used as a spare for all probe lengths regardless of probe type, drastically reducing space and inventory cost. And the direct insertion system eliminates the need for gas sampling devices.

Safety First
The ZIRCOMAT provides a high degree of safety by automatically cutting power to the detector on failure of the thermocouple in the sensor or by means of an external emergency contact input. A keylock function prevents operational errors. Rich mode is a display function with alarm contact for fuel rich conditions that can occur when the oxygen content in the flue gas is at or below zero.

Rapid Response
The unique flow guide tube design ensures a rapid response of 4 to 7 seconds.

ZIRCOMAT Oxygen Analyzers offer:

  • Choice of sample probe types to suit fuel type, gas temperature and insertion length
  • Full featured transmitter with menu driven software
  • Modular detector design for easy maintenance
  • Direct insertion system
  • Fast response to changes
  • High Reliability
  • High Temperature, Blow-down, Combustion Efficiency and RS-485
    Communication options

Easy Field Sensor Replacement – Probe Stays In Situ!

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ZIRCOMAT O2 Analyzer Specification Sheet (445k)

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