The Challenge

Control of water/wastewater treatment systems is a complex challenge. Rising energy costs and more stringent environmental regulations make it more demanding today than ever before.

To keep a plant running affordably and efficiently in the face of changing demographics and increasing costs requires in-depth measurement and control expertise which is becoming harder to find.

Depending on the specifics of your operation, you may require:

  • A large-scale, integrated, plant-wide system— that’s still easy to operate and maintain
  • An affordable, small-plant solution that’s expandable for future needs
  • Trouble-free integration with your legacy systems
  • Low cost of ownership and energy consumption

The Solution: WaterPAK

Depend on MicroMod to answer all these challenges and more. Our solutions continue to apply the expertise of Fischer & Porter, a time-proven world leader in water and waste treatment, together with our experience in modern treatment control technologies.


Plant-wide operations & information management:

MicroMod WaterPAK Control Packages offer:

  • Pre-engineered, preconfigured design—for fast, easy installation and start-up
  • Flexible, modular design, so your system is always ready to grow along with your operation
  • Exceptional economy—in both acquisition cost and operation over time
  • Energy-efficient operation, for even greater cost savings well as compliance with your Green Initiatives
  • Full, trouble-free compatibility with your existing PLC or SCADA systems
  • The ability to control your operation at the local level, while still enjoying the benefits of distributed operation and information management

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