MicroMod Warranty Service

All products sold have a standard warranty from date of shipment and invoice. Products which are within the warranty period and are determined by MicroMod Automation to be covered under ourwarranty terms and conditions will be repaired or replaced, at MicroMod’s discretion, at no charge. Warranty coverage does not include freight, or labor to dismantle or reinstall equipment. Extended warranty periods are available for a scaled fee. For the standard warranty schedule and extended warranty coverage information, see our Warranty Policy.

MicroMod Non-Warranty Service

For products which are outside the warranty period or which present problems that are not covered by our standard warranty terms and conditions, the following applies:

For most products, flat rate repair fee will be quoted. If the returned product cannot be repaired, or the repair cost exceeds the flat fee, MicroMod may elect to provide a factory reconditioned unit in its place. If the product cannot be repaired, and MicroMod does not have a factory reconditioned unit available, a price for a new replacement unit will be quoted.

MicroMod Repair / Return Procedure

Important information:

MicroMod does not accept returns of software.

Contact Customer Service

Phone: (585) 321-9200
MicroMod Automation
10 Capital Drive, Suite B
Wallingford, CT 06492
Fax: (585) 321-9291
Email: repairs@micromod.com

If you wish to return your instrument for repair or warranty service.

If you do not receive a Return Authorization number or acknowledgement of receipt within 2 working days, please contact Customer Service.

Or follow the steps below: 

  1. Download the Return Authorization Form
  2. Fax or email the form with all information completed to Customer Service. We will contact you with an RA number or request for additional information within 2 working days.
  3. Return the equipment, properly packed for secure shipment and clearly marked with the RA number, to: MicroMod Automation, 10 Capital Drive, Wallingford, CT 06492 USA. Returns will not be accepted without an RA number.

  • Please ensure ALL required information is provided, including the hazardous material declaration, before submitting the RA request form, to avoid delays in processing your request. Our repair department relies on the accuracy and completeness of this information to protect our employees from injury by exposure to toxic, hazardous or otherwise harmful materials.
  • Returned products must be cleaned to a safe level for handling by our technicians. MicroMod Automation reserves the right to dispose, for safety reasons, any/all returned products without the requested information. All cost related to disposing of the returned unit, including cleaning when necessary, will be billable.