The Challenge

Reliable, cost-effective boiler control is critical to your facility’s performance and productivity. But regulating the steam-production process is a difficult and ongoing job. Changing production demands, rising fuel costs, shrinking budgets and internal staff—these factors all increase the complexity of your challenge. And of course, boiler system downtime is a very expensive problem.

Bottom line? You need to know that your boiler control solutions are:

  • Keeping your boilers running safely and at peak efficiency
  • Maximizing energy-efficiency and cost savings
  • Accommodating changing production demands
  • Easily updated and maintained
  • Helping control emission levels
  • Delivering a low overall cost of ownership

The Solution: SteamPAK Boiler Control Packages

Depend on MicroMod to answer all of these needs. Through our deep expertise in boiler and burner operation and control, we offer our industry-leading portfolio of SteamPAK pre-engineered boiler control packages—now redesigned for even greater simplicity and flexibility! These “plug-and-play” solutions, with a new, simplified menu-driven format, are easier to specify, order, install and operate. Many previously optional features are included as standard, and many customer suggestions have been incorporated as design features.

SteamPAK Control Packages offer:

  • Optimal, automated control of combustion, drum level and feedwater, burner management, and balance-of-plant needs
  • Pre-engineered configurations, for fast, easy selection and installation
  • Maximum energy savings and reduced emission levels
  • Flexibility— if our pre-engineered products aren’t precisely right for your needs, we’ll custom-tailor a solution that is
  • Increased ROI—with savings that can go right to your bottom line

Whether you choose a pre-engineered package or a custom solution, you can be sure that MicroMod will help you get the most from your investment. We’re so confident in their reliability, we offer a 2-year warranty as standard on all SteamPAK controllers. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

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