Pre-Engineered Packages

MicroMod combines superior application knowledge with our state-of-the-art control products to provide pre-engineered, pre-configured packages that save you time, money and energy. With our SteamPAK and WaterPAK control solutions you can take advantage of years of application expertise in industrial boiler and water/wastewater treatment control — no programming required.

Process Controllers

Our Micro-DCI and MOD process control families provide the ultimate in multifunction, multiloop process control. These “Controllers with the PLC inside” combine superior continuous control functions with powerful math, logic and discrete control.

HMI & SCADA Solutions

When stand-alone control just isn’t enough, MicroMod can provide a complete system for operations and information gathering. From color touchscreen operator panels to full 64-bit PC-based consoles, from tightly integrated systems to open communications, our HMI and SCADA solutions offer the ultimate in operations, monitoring and data acquisition.

Legacy Product Cross Reference

This list contains information about replacing panel board control products that were formerly manufactured by Fischer & Porter Company, Bailey Controls Company and Taylor Instrument Company (also known as ABB Kent-Taylor or ABB).

Competitive Product Cross Reference

See a list of products and the comparable MicroMod Automation controller product.