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SCADA Software Solutions

MicroMod offers a variety of software packages that interface and integrate with our controller products to provide operations, monitoring, control and data acquisition. From the pre-engineered, pre-integrated ViewPAK for Boiler Solutions and ViewPAK for Water/Waste Solutions, to our highly integrated Micro-PWC for Micro-DCI, to Genesis 32- and 64-bit software, we can provide you with the right fit for your application and plant operations.

Micro-PWC is a complete application software package with color graphic displays, alarm/event logging, real-time and historical trending, report capability and multiple levels of system security. Micro-PWC detects all Micro-DCI controllers on its network and auto-configures its tag database as well as providing automatic network synchronization with other PWC stations. DDE and OPC Client functionality is included for easy interface to other manufacturers’ equipment, allowing you to construct a plantwide network with a true distributed database.


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