Micro-DCI Communications Services


Micro-DCI Communication Services is controlled by a software license manager and matching Hardware Security Device (“copy protection key”) that plugs into either a USB or parallel port on the PC.  A device such as a parallel printer may be connected to the parallel port key.
Only one Hardware Security Device is required when Micro-PWC, Micro-DCI Communications Services, LoopMaster and Micro-Tools products are installed on the same host computer.
Communication between a PC running the 53SU60000 Micro-DCI Communications Services software and the Micro- DCI Instruments (53MC5000, 53SL5100, 53IT5100, 53ML5100, 53SL6000) may be done either via RS-232 to the configuration port connection, through the controller’s RS-485 DataLink communication port or, in the case of 53MC5000 controllers, through a MicroLink communication port.  Applications using Microlink directly to the PC require the use of a Supervisor communications card.  Additional communication hardware and cables may be ordered separately (refer to Price Sheet P-DCI-Spares).
Supervisor Cards – requires full ISA Card Slot in PC
Datalink with PLC Option                                                                           686B574U03
Upgrade kit for Datalink Supervisor Cards
To upgrade previous PROM revisions to Revision 5.0                              614C085U01
$ 2,530
$ 320