1.  Communications  between  Micro-DCI  controllers(such  as  the  53MC5000,  the  53IT5100,  the  53SL5100 53ML5100 and the 53SL6000) using DataLink Commmuications and the Ethernet Port A interface may be done either through a point-to-point connection via RS-232 or though a Micro-DCI Mulitdrop DataLink Communication Network  over  RS-485.   The  53SL6000  Communication  requires  that  an  RS-232  or  RS-485  communication module be installed on the controller.  The communication module, RS-232 or RS-485 may be order as a part from the Spare Parts Price List P-DCI-Spares.
2. The Ethernet cable is NOT supplied with this product.  Any Category 5, 10/100 Ethernet cable may be used.
3.  Option 0 (None) – this option is only used if the existing installation already includes an RS-232/RS-485 ITB board.
4. Option 1 (53SL6000 RS-232 Cable) – includes a 7 ft. serial communications cable (only) for use with 53SL6000 controllers that already have communications modules installed
5.  Option 2 (53MC5000 RS-232 Cable) – includes a 7 ft. serial communications cable for use with a 53MC5000
controller front configuration port
6.  Option 3 (RS-485 DataLink) – includes a 1-ft. serial communications cable, one RS-232 to RS-485 Interface Terminal Board (converter) and Power Adapter Cable for use with one or more Micro-DCI controllers that have RS-485 multi-drop communications capability.
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