Winery reduces electricity usage 30% with TVT-bio system

About This Project

A large winery in upstate New York operates a biological aerated lagoon system with an average inflow of 32,000 gallons per day, discharging to a natural trout stream. Beginning with the grape crushing season in the fall, waste inflow to the lagoon increases dramatically, with higher BOD loading and hydraulic surges.

The installation of a TVT-bio aerobic bioreactor in the equalization basin resulted in an exponential increase in treatment capacity due to a continuous increase in biofilm. This in turn allowed the company to eliminate aerators in basins 2 and 3, with a 30-40% overall reduction in electricity usage .

In addition the lagoon returns to normal BOD levels after an inflow increase in half the time compared to past history. Increased biological diversity and maintenance of higher levels of residual bacterial cultures have also been observed, as well as residual dissolved oxygen – even with higher summer temperatures – and a more developed and constant flocking structure.

Winery reduces electricity usage 30% with TVT-bio system
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