Rohm & Haas Upgrades HTHW Control System with MicroMod

About This Project

Rohm and Haas Company’s Spring House Technical Center had obsolete Bailey CLC and pneumatic controls on their High Temperature Hot Water (HTHW) generating system, and needed to upgrade to current technology. MicroMod replaced the antequate controllers with state-of-the art jackshaft controls with O2 trim and variable speed drives to improve the efficiency, reliability and maintainability of the system.

The new control system re-used the existing panels for additional installation savings. A local contractor provided the installation services. Ten MOD 30MLs control the combustion, pressure and level for the hot water generators.. Opacity monitoring was also added to the system for better EPA permit compliance. An old, blind BMS (burner management) system was replaced with four of MicroMod’s MODCELL Multiloop Processors and an operator panel.

Why MicroMod? Rohm & Haas wanted a panel-based solution with state-of-the-art equipment and consoles, from a company who demonstrated a high level of application expertise.

Rohm & Haas Upgrades HTHW Control System with MicroMod
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