Nassau County Upgrades 80-controller Water Pollution Control System

About This Project

The control system and Nassau County’s Cedar Creek WPCP was 10 years old and badly in need of upgrading. The 150MGD facility’s original PCs were long outdated and operators needed more access to information. MicroMod and Applied Analytics provided the most recent Micro-PWC SCADA software, new PCs, updated configuration software and upgrades to the 80 53MC5000 controllers.

Pressures, flows and levels as well as pump control and sequencing control functions are performed in the field by the 53MC5000 controllers, providing local dedicated control and operation for Return Activated Sludge, Waste Activated Sludge, Plant Influent, Mixed Liquor, Aeration Tank dissolved oxygen, and Settling Tanks. OPTO22 fiber optic converters allow the data to be sent from each of the four ATCCs to the Operations Building where two new PCs provide centralized operation and data collection as well as configuration and download of the controllers. One PC serves as the primary workstation; the other is a hot standby connected via Ethernet.

Nassau County Upgrades 80-controller Water Pollution Control System
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