MicroDCI at World’s Largest Water Treatment Plant

About This Project

Believed to be the largest water treatment plant in the world, the James W. Jardine Water Purification Plant furnishes water to over 2.8 million people in north Chicago and certain adjacent suburban communities. On a typical day the plant processes over 700 million gallons of potable water, although it has a design capacity of more than twice that – nearly a million gallons of water a minute.

MicroMod’s 53MC5000 process control stations are used for chlorination – the most critical step in water filtration. Tight, secure control of chlorine addition is required to make sure enough chemical is added to kill pathogens without overdosing. Fifty-five stations provide control of 24 continuously operating chlorinators plus auxiliary units for high capacity periods.

The 53M5000 control stations are programmed to add chlorine based on the influent flow, with a fine-trim signal provided by residual chlorine analyzers. The control stations are networked to an HMI package in the central control room for graphic operations and data collection.

Plant personnel like the easy-to-read, highly visible screens on the 53MC5000 displays. The modular architecture provides state-of-the-art, PC-based operation and information management while the dedicated control stations allow operators to take local control of individual chlorinators for manual operation or scheduled maintenance, without worrying about the PC overriding their settings.

MicroDCI at World’s Largest Water Treatment Plant
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