India Boiler Manufacturers and End-Users See Benefits of DrumPAK

About This Project

Veesons Energy System has purchased MicroMod’s DrumPAK for their customer Sastha Papers Mills Pvt Ltd’s 15TPH, AFBC, 10.5 kg/cm2 pressure boiler. Maxtherm Boilers has also recommended DrumPAK to their customer, Prismack Biotechnics Limited, for their 10TPH, AFBC, Bi-drum boiler. Both companies like the product since it is pre-configured and a dedicated controller for this application.

Veesons Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd., has more than 25 years of experience in the Design, Manufacture and Supply of various types of sophisticated Boilers in many applications across India and SAARC countries. Maxtherm Boilers provides design, engineering and manufacture of steam and hot water generators, burners, thermic fluid heaters and waste heat recovery heaters.

Technoplus Services of Chennai, India, an authorized MicroMod distributor, is the energy consultant to the end-user and convinced both the boiler manufacturers and the users that DrumPAK would improve their boiler operation. TPS is a full service process engineering and consulting organization with proven expertise in offering a wide range of quality services in Boiler and Heater Consultation, steam and hot oil piping system, heat recovery system, energy audit and instrumentation.

India Boiler Manufacturers and End-Users See Benefits of DrumPAK
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