Heaven Hill Distilleries Run More Safely & Efficiently

About This Project

Heaven Hill Distilleries, the seventh largest spirits supplier in the United States, is upgrading their boiler controls with MicroMod for safer, more efficient operation.

A&A Mechanical Service Inc. had seen MicroMod’s TrimPAK combustion controls in action at one of Tyson Food’s chicken plants and was impressed with the equipment and the general technical support and customer service they received from MicroMod.

So when Heaven Hill needed to upgrade the controller on their 40,000 lb/hr Nebraska water tube boiler, A&A called on MicroMod for a parallel positioning system that would include O2 trim and monitor fuel and O2 levels for safe operation. The existing control system did not measure excess O2 or have any feedback capability from the fuel or air flow, resulting in potentially dangerous CO levels and consuming more fuel than necessary to meet production requirements. The new system is designed to allow O2 trim control using Variable speed drives to reduce electricity usage as well as fuel consumption. MicroMod is providing configured controllers and field instruments as well as startup services and training.

Heaven Hill Distilleries was awarded North American “Distiller of the Year” from Whisky Magazine for the second consecutive year in 2009.

Heaven Hill Distilleries Run More Safely & Efficiently
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