Phoenix DX Industrial Variable Speed Drives

Phoenix DX Industrial Variable Speed Drives Our Digital AC Drives are designed to easily handle the tough applications and difficult operating conditions that cause most other AC drive products to trip or fail. Sensorless AC Vector Drive technology means higher starting torque, improved speed regulation, and better overall drive performance.


Phoenix DX is suitable for most conventional ac drive applications from pumps and fans to more sophisticated material processing applications. You should be using our Phoenix DX AC Drives if you are currently experiencing any problems due to high input ac line voltage, ac power line transients, high ambient temperature, or difficult loads including shock loads, impact loads, and loads with very high starting torque.


There’s no need to add expensive Dynamic Braking Resistors. We guarantee trip-free operation, 100% of the time, at maximum load, and over the entire operating speed range. No drive over-sizing is ever required.

We’re so confident, we offer a 3-year warranty on all Phoenix DX drives.

Phoenix DX Drives offer:

  • Many horsepower and voltage configurations
  • Three-phase and Single-phase drives
  • Higher starting torque at lower inrush currents
  • Fixed or variable carrier frequency
  • Bi-directional spinning motor pickup
  • Short-circuit and ground fault protection

Single-Phase Drives

Many locations only have single-phase power available. Applications such as irrigation, agricultural machinery, oil & gas pumping, water injection and extraction. Until now, using a three-phase AC Drive on Single-Phase power systems meant accepting significant performance degredation and a host of reliability problems. Single-phase input power puts stress on an AC drive’s DC Bus filtering capacitors and the input rectifier, causing premature failures. Nuisance trips due to under-voltage and over-current can prevent the drive from delivering maximum performance.Phoenix Single-Phase AC Drives have been specifically designed to overcome the problems with Single Phase input power.

DriveMaster Software

DriveMaster is a Windows-based program designed to make drive set-up, record keeping, and trouble-shooting easy. Drive parameters can be extracted from a drive, reviewed, modified, printed, stored on disk, reloaded back into the same drive, or copied to another drive. Data Logging and Graphing of drive parameters is also possible. Offline and Online Editing is supported. DriveMaster supports both Modbus Serial Communications and Ethernet / Modbus TCP Communications. All Phoenix DX Drives include a built in RS-232 serial communications port. An RS-232 Communications Cable with Isolator is available to allow the direct connection of a laptop or other PC to the drive. Option cards for RS-458 multidrop and Ethernet are also available to connect up to 32 drives on a single network.

Download DriveMaster Manual

Drive Options & Accessories

Phoenix DX Drives offer a range of options to fit every application, including:

  • NEMA 4 enclosures
  • Plug-in communication cards for Modbus RS-485, Ethernet, DeviceNet, CANOpen and others
  • Drivemaster Windows-based software for drive set-up, record keeping, and trouble-shooting
  • Process Input and Output Signal Conditioner Cards
  • HOA Switch
  • Automatic-Bypass for Drive with Manual Bypass
  • Line Regen modules that work with any manufacturer’s PWM AC drive
  • Regenerative AC Drives
  • Clean Power AC drives