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SteamPAK Combustion Control for Oil & Gas-fired Boilers

SteamPAK sets the standard for oil and gas combustion control. These off-the-shelf, field-flexible packages come ready to install. Just enter your boiler parameters, and you’ll be up and running. Turn features on as you need them and as your budget permits, without reprogramming, downloading licenses, or buying control hardware.


Steam or hot water, gas or oil, or single or dual fuel boilers—all can be installed as standalone systems or in conjunction with other SteamPAK packages. Add a color touchscreen with fully configured graphics for operation & setup with 100% operational backup.

The net result? Total boiler control and significant efficiency improvement. Plus, industry-standard communication allows easy integration of SteamPAK with existing Building Automation systems.

All SteamPAK controllers come with a 2-year warranty.

Pressure Control with O2 Trim for Linkage (Jackshaft) Boilers - The Right Fit for Retrofit

When upgrading to a linkageless system can't meet your payback requirements, TrimPAK can!

TrimPAK gives you all the benefits of linkageless control - improved efficiency, lower stack emissions, and higher safety - without all the installation and equipment costs. Plus, it lets you upgrade in stages as your budget allows.
TrimPAK's unique configuration allows you go from basic pressure control to full O2 trim with output to a VFD without installing any I/O or changing the controller programming. You don't need to dismantle the linkages, change your existing field devices, or substitute a new Burner Management System. Safety features such as jackshaft position and VFD speed feedback provide maximum protection.
TrimPAK is approved by TSSA in Ontario, Canada under Field Development Project.

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Fuel/Air Ratio Control with O2 Trim

MeterPAK provides fuel-air ratio control with separate fuel and air actuation and position feedback. It also offers optional output to a VFD, so you can realize even greater savings in fuel and electricity.
MeterPAK's unique configuration allows you to add full metering of fuel and air with just a few keystrokes, moving to the highest possible efficiency as your budget permits. Cross-limiting ensures safe combustion at all times. Online efficiency indication is included as standard, and an option for Opacity monitoring and indication can be activated in the field with no reprogramming.

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Plant Master Controller

PlantPAK provides a supervisory steam setpoint to individual Boiler Master controllers. It allows operation of multiple boilers from a single display, and ensures quick response to large load changes. A lead/lag sequence option brings boilers on line as needed for maximum operating efficiency. Steam feedforward is available as an option. PlantPAK can be used in conjunction with any of the SteamPAK combustion control packages or with third-party combustion controls. PlantPAK provides supervisory control for up to three boilers.

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Whether you choose a pre-engineered package or a custom solution, you can be sure that MicroMod will help you get the most from your investment. We’re so confident in their reliability, we offer a 2-year warranty as standard on all SteamPAK controllers. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

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