Oil and Gas

MICROMOD is helping businesses in the Oil & Gas industry to automate their production, processing and distribution for Onshore, Offshore, Transportation & Storage and Gas Processing & LNG. MICROMOD brands include MICRO SCADA, Micro series controllers, DCS series controllers, to improve efficiency and reduce
operational costs for optimized throughput and plant performance across every facet of the Oil & Gas production, storage and processing.

  • RTU/Controller’s
  • Flow Computers
  • Multivariable Transmitters
  • Multiloop Controller’s industry specific
  • SCADA Software
  • Smart Rooms expertise through AIOT: These smart rooms make it possible for production sites to remotely access the knowledge and skills of experts in various disciplines, such as
    maintenance, operations and the supply chain, thereby enhancing teams’ responsiveness in
    case of an unplanned event. In some cases, they also enable equipment to be controlled
    remotely and in real time.