Micro DCI 53SL6000

53SL6000 “Micro-Mite” Controller

Meet the most cost effective solution available for a range of control loop applications—from basic to complex. The Micro-Mite is ideal for single-loop control, and also performs cascade and override control.

The LoopMaster Configuration Software makes it quick and easy to program a Micro-Mite controller with on-screen configuration assistant, context-sensitive help, auto-documentation and point-&-click style configuration.

With communication to a host PC using RS-485 and Micro-DCI Communications Services, the Micro-Mite is a system solution with a low installed cost and an unparalleled price-to-performance ratio.

53SL6000 “Micro-Mite” Controllers offer:

  • Unique versatility—expandable I/O capability
  • Standard control strategies, or strategies you customize from the front panel or with the incredibly easy-to-use LoopMaster software package
  • Exceptional PID, ratio, cascade and override control, as well as time proportioning, motorized valve, and heat/cool control
  • Built-in functions including math and logic, setpoint and hold, autotune, and function generator