Micro DCI 53IT5100, 53ML5100, 53SL5100

Indicator/Totalizer, Manual Loader & Single-Loop Controller

To supply a solution to every need, the diverse Micro-DCI family also offers high-performance auxiliary equipment for indication/totalization, manual loading and single-loop control for when you don’t need all the power of the 53MC5000.

As part of our ongoing commitment to technology advancement and customer support we have introduced the Design Level B version of the 53IT, 53ML and 53SL5100. The new design brings these devices up to current technology but provides the same form, fit and function as the Design Level A.

All three of these instruments communicate with the 53MC5000 Process Control Station, Micro-DCI Communication Services, and Micro-PWC console software as well as the E-Port Ethernet Gateway.

Auxiliary Equipment includes:

  • The 53IT5100 four-channel indicating totalizer
  • The 53SL1000 single-loop controller, with up to four selectable application-specific configurations (PID control, analog backup control, ratio control, or auto/manual station)
  • The 53ML5100 Manual Loader, for manual adjustment of two independent current outputs

Four-Channel Indicating Totalizer Data Sheet

Single-Loop Controller Data Sheet

Manual Loader Data Sheet


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