Micro 6

The MICRO 6 are all-in-one industrial control devices. They combine control, user interface, I/O and networking into a
single, integrated package. Unique features of the MICRO.

Operator Interface

  • Bright, 65,536 color graphical touch sensing LCD display in all models of MICRO 6.
    – Display of complex graphical objects including trends, gauges, meters and animations.
    – Very high-performance graphic processing.
    – Advanced control capabilities including floating point, multiple auto-tuning PID loops and string handling
    – Removable media for 32GB of storage of programs, data logging or screen captures.
    – MsCAN networking port for communication with remote I/O, other controllers or PCs.
    – High speed USB port for communication with PCs and programming of controller.
    – Configurable serial protocols for communication to drives, PLCs, or other serial peripherals.
    – Full featured, built-in I/O including high resolution analog, thermocouple, RTD, high-speed counters, PWM
    outputs and relays (depending upon the MICRO 6 model used).
    – Advanced high speed I/O capabilities.
    – CPL programming software that allows all aspects of the MICRO 6 to be programmed and configured from
    one integrated application.
    – Optional communication add-on modules.
    – Two on board Ethernet ports (10/100Mbps) for CPL programming and application defined communication,
    with Auto MDI/MDI-X.

Useful Documents and References