MicroMod Controller Product Manuals

Micro-2 Process Controller 

  • MICRO 2 Process Controller

Micro-DCI Controller Family

  • 53MC5000 Process Control Station
  • 53SL6000 Micro-Mite Controller
  • 53IT5000 Indicator/Totalizer
  • 53ML5000 Manual Loader
  • 53SL5000 Single Loop Controller
  • 53MT6000 Micro-Tools Configuration Software for 53MC5000
  • 53HC2600 LoopMaster Configuration Software for 53SL6000
  • EP1000 E-Port Ethernet Gateway for DataLink

MOD Controller Family

  • MODCELL Multiloop Processor 2001N/2002N
  • MOD 30ML 1800R
  • MODCELL 2050R Single Loop Controller
  • Visual Application Designer (ViZapp) Configuration Software
  • Application Builder Software
  • ICN Communications Hardware

HMI & Communication Software

  • Micro-PWC Personal Workcenter Software
  • Micro-DCI Communications Services Software & OPC Server
  • Modbus OPC Server
  • ICN OPC Server
  • Modbus RTU Communications Guide

SteamPAK Boiler Controls

  • DrumPAK Boiler Drum Level Control Systems
  • TrimPAK Parallel Positioning Combustion Control System with O2 Trim
  • MeterPAK Full Metered Combustion Control System
  • BurnerPAK Burner Management Systems (BMS)

Bailey Controls, ABB Kent-Taylor

  • SLC-RetroPAK Migration packages for Bailey Controls SLC and CLC
  • MOD 30 RetroPAK Migration packages for ABB Kent-Taylor MOD 30

Field Devices

  • MicroTorque Electric Rotary Actuators