Upstream Oil & Gas

MICROMOD’s oil and gas industry solutions provide measurable performance improvement with superior stabilization, improved safety and increased agility. We can help define and implement your optimization strategies and transform collaboration and responsiveness at every level of your organization. Our solutions address all elements of overall operations, encompassing control, safety, measurement, asset management, optimization, simulation, training and business intelligence.
MicroMod combines real-time financial and operations data to reduce outages and predict issues before they occur. By providing the right information at the right time, the right people can take the right actions. The result is a cultural shift from inconsistent reactions to consistent, proactive prevention and greater exploitation of asset capability that improves safety, efficiency and production.
The results are exceptional. A U.S. midstream services company was able to optimize production by $58 million per year across a fleet of fractionation plants. An Asian national oil company was able to optimize production from an aging offshore field to achieved average increases of 135 barrels per day per well.

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Distributed Control Systems

We provide a myriad array of solutions for the ease and functional process of your Distributed Control Systems.

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Field Instruments

Ranging from Pressure Transmitters, DP Transmitters, Flow Meters, TemperaturenTransmitter, Themo Couples and more

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Software Solutions

Solutions range with software products like MICROMOD SCADA, MicroPWC PWS SCADA, Data Station Protocol Converter and more.

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