MICROMOD offers cost effective, low risk, full scope systems and engineering capabilities that meet the unique demands of the nuclear industry, including plant life extension, resolution of obsolescence issues, increased plant performance and meeting the latest regulatory guidelines. The capabilities of our dedicated nuclear team extend to new build projects, addressing control room design, Instrumentation and Control architecture design, application engineering and configuration, and full integration of MicroMod products as well as third party and OEM supplied control systems.
MicroMod provides the unique functionality demanded by nuclear plant operators including a plant-wide DCS system, We provide the only complete nuclear Instrumentation and Control solution which is owned and fully supported by a single supplier, delivering continuously current solutions with low project risk.

Product – Based  Solution

Distributed Control Systems

We provide a myriad array of solutions for the ease and functional process of your Distributed Control Systems.

Product – Based  Solution

Field Instruments

Ranging from Pressure Transmitters, DP Transmitters, Flow Meters, TemperaturenTransmitter, Themo Couples and more

Product – Based  Solution

Software Solutions

Solutions range with software products like MICROMOD SCADA, MicroPWC PWS SCADA, Data Station Protocol Converter and more.

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