Life Sciences

MICROMOD provides a comprehensive set of solutions that help you address regulatory compliance, production performance and quality in a safe and environmentally conscious manner.
Our validation solutions for equipment, process and cleaning control, automation, manufacturing execution systems and information technology can help you adhere to the 21st century Risk Based Approach including the adoption of new technologies and science-based policies and standards.
MicroMod solutions ensure that the right information gets to the right people at the right time, empowering plant personnel to implement corrective actions before any problems or variations occur. By accessing data from multiple systems, these solutions improve agility and workflow, analyzing root causes and making recommendations that help you make quicker, better business decisions.
The benefits are significant and measurable. An average of 1% to 5% of the total plant output value– or at the enterprise level– in lowered costs or increased revenues can be realized using life sciences industry solutions from MicroMod.

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Distributed Control Systems

We provide a myriad array of solutions for the ease and functional process of your Distributed Control Systems.

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Field Instruments

Ranging from Pressure Transmitters, DP Transmitters, Flow Meters, TemperaturenTransmitter, Themo Couples and more

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Software Solutions

Solutions range with software products like MICROMOD SCADA, MicroPWC PWS SCADA, Data Station Protocol Converter and more.

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