Facilities Management

MICROMOD offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services designed to help deliver efficient, secure and reliable operations for single buildings through to full multi-building campus environments. Our solutions fully address today’s green initiatives and increasingly complex regulatory compliance requirements, minimizing cost while ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for commercial, retail and industrial facilities.
Our solutions fully integrate with your existing systems through our powerful system platform, built on an open architecture that supports a wide range of protocols including BACnet, LonMark, OPC, Modbus, SNMP, XML and Web Services. These solutions are designed and delivered by proven experts from both our MicroMod global services organization and our extensive Partner Ecosystem.
From flow meters, intelligent transmitters and analytical equipment, RTUs, DCS and process area controllers, to mobile solutions, corporate energy management and enterprise asset management, MicroMod leads the way in developing and delivering the solutions to today’s facilities challenges.

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Distributed Control Systems

We provide a myriad array of solutions for the ease and functional process of your Distributed Control Systems.

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Field Instruments

Ranging from Pressure Transmitters, DP Transmitters, Flow Meters, TemperaturenTransmitter, Themo Couples and more

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Software Solutions

Solutions range with software products like MICROMOD SCADA, MicroPWC PWS SCADA, Data Station Protocol Converter and more.

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