Chemicals MICROMOD actively drives value and sustainability for the chemical industry by applying its technologies and expertise to continuously improve plant and facilities operations. Our solutions include focused operations measurements such as model-based, real-time measurement of OEE, energy and cost accounting. These key performance indicators generate better performance insights for each value-generation step in a chemical plant and facilities, and are given business context derived from the Production Management Systems (such as ERP and Supply Chain Management). Our solutions can deliver significant increases in the plant or facility’s sales value of production (SVOP).

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Distributed Control Systems

We provide a myriad array of solutions for the ease and functional process of your Distributed Control Systems.

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Field Instruments

Ranging from Pressure Transmitters, DP Transmitters, Flow Meters, TemperaturenTransmitter, Themo Couples and more

Product – Based  Solution

Software Solutions

Solutions range with software products like MICROMOD SCADA, MicroPWC PWS SCADA, Data Station Protocol Converter and more.

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