MicroMod has set a benchmark standard for process-control solutions, by combining our own values and expertise with state-of-the-art technology and the applications legacy of these industry pioneers:

Fischer and Porter

MicroMod Automation acquired the Fischer & Porter Micro-DCI family in early 2004. The Fischer & Porter Company, founded in 1937, had long been a leader in the design of process instrumentation; their brand grew to encompass a diverse range of leading flow-measurement and control products.


In the early 1980’s, Fischer & Porter introduced their Chameleon line of digital controllers, which grew into the Micro-DCI family—the most specified controllers for water and wastewater treatment. In 1989, F&P introduced the 53MC5000 Process Control Station. This was also acquired and brought up to current state-of-the-art technology by MicroMod, and now serves as the design foundation for our WaterPAK series of pre-engineered packages for water, wastewater and sewage treatment.

Bailey Controls

From development of the world’s first steam boiler meter to innovations that ushered in the age of distributed processing, the Bailey name has long been associated with excellence in control and instrumentation. Founded in 1916 by the US inventor Ervin G. Bailey, the company launched a breakthrough that helped boiler operators achieve and maintain maximum process efficiency.


The company continued to introduce new innovations through the 1980s, then merged with Italy’s Elsag Group, and, in 1998, with ABB. MicroMod Automation purchased the company’s remaining Bailey SLC and CLC support business from ABB in early 2004 and began helping our customers migrate to technologies such as our SLC RetroPAK. Our current SteamPAK solutions are based on the same principles as Bailey’s original boiler meter: to help boiler operators achieve and maintain maximum safety and efficiency.

ABB Kent-Taylor / Taylor Instrument Company

Established in 1851 in Rochester, New York, the Taylor brand has long meant quality instrumentation and controls. After nearly a century of thermometer and barometer design, Taylor set a landmark in 1941—when they pioneered control industry technology with the integrated Proportional, Integral and Derivative (PID) methods of loop tuning.


After decades of mergers and acquisition activity, Taylor introduced the MOD 30 instrument series — one of the first microprocessor-based panelboard controllers and one of the most widely used control systems in the process industries. This was later sold under the trade names ABB Kent-Taylor and ABB Instrumentation.


In 1991, ABB Kent-Taylor introduced the MODCELL Multiloop Processor, replacing the multiple control units of the original MOD 30 instrument family with a system-style architecture, and in 1996 launched the MOD 30ML controllers based on the MODCELL Multiloop Processor. MicroMod Automation purchased the MOD family from ABB in early 2004 and continued to develop and enhance the product line. Today, MOD 30ML and MODCELL are part of MicroMod’s SteamPAK solutions for boiler controls.