Bailey Controls SLC and CLC Migration: 

MicroMod’s SLC RetroPAK includes the features that made Bailey SLC and CLC controllers the gold standard for applications like steam and power generation — and offers a host of powerful new features and up-to-date communication capabilities. SLC RetroPAK fits in the same panel cutout as your existing SLC or CLC controller.

RetroPAK controllers can be integrated into Bailey Infi90 systems using either the Foreign Device Interface (FDI) or MicroMod’s OPC server installed on the system console.

The basis for RetroPAK, the MOD 30ML Controller, goes beyond the power and security of the SLC and CLC controllers. For optimized boiler controls, MicroMod’s SteamPAK series of pre-engineered packages may be the “best practice” choice for replacing your Bailey controllers.

Bailey SLC RetroPAK offers:

  • CAD driven, function block configuration with “Bailey” Function Code and template library
  • Peer-to-peer communications between RetroPAKs for multi-controller strategies
  • Robust, highly visible display resistant to effects of temperature and power surge
  • Quality detection on all inputs,outputs and internal parameters
  • Optional Ethernet communications
  • Factory duplication of existing SLC or CLC configuration