ABB Taylor MOD 30 Migration: MOD 30 RetroPAK

For an effective, step-at-a-time migration path from aging Taylor MOD 30 instruments to the latest control technology, choose the MOD 30 RetroPAK. This innovative solution offers a powerful combination of features from the 1700 Series Controller, Controller XL, Math Unit, and Sequence and Logic Unit (SLU)—all packaged in a single instrument.

The graphical configurator for the MOD 30 RetroPAK controller, Visual Application Designer, runs in a Windows environment and includes a library of MOD 30-style function blocks.

MicroMod also offers configuration services to program your new MOD 30 RetroPAK controllers to duplicate the control strategy of your MOD 30 Instruments.

MOD 30 RetroPAK offers:

  • All the benefits of the Taylor MOD 30ML, plus a host of other powerful features
  • Easy integration, re-using the same bezel and panel cutout, and MOD 30 termination cables
  • Communication with the MOD 30, the Local Control Panel, and the Communication Link via ICN
  • Bright, easier-to-use display with front-panel tuning
  • Reliable connectivity and an upgrade path to off-the-shelf HMI and SCADA software using the ICN OPC server