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  • X4 Rugged Drives for Harsh Conditions

    X4 Series Drives are designed to keep driving in harsh environments and are built from the ground up to survive hostile conditions - and still be simple to set up and operate. They’re made to be mounted where the process is, not in another enclosure or room that adds cost and space.

    Robust and Reliable
    The same enclosures that can survive in the harsh industrial world makes them ideal when cleanliness is extremely important, such as the Food and Beverage industry where high pressure washings are needed on a regular basis. The X4 drives, through 100 HP, exceed the specifications of their rated UL Type 4X / IP66 Indoor and Outdoor rated enclosures, each being able to withstand high pressure washdown of 1000 PSI from 12” away. From 125HP through 200HP, the VACON X Series meets the UL Type 3R, Indoor/Outdoor rating. That means every X4 drive can be placed outside in the elements, allowing for even greater mounting flexibility without having to spend even one cent more on installation costs. The thick injected foam and metal covers protect against bumps and misuse.

    Simple and Flexible
    The X4 Series drives boast the easiest programming and operation in the industry. The bright, clear, backlit display provides an easy to read, customizable view for operation and programming. The keypad has large, well marked buttons to control all aspects of the drive operation and programming.

    Integrated Brake Resistor
    Each X4 drive includes a Brake resistor, allowing it to better handle high inertial loads right out of the box, and to stay warm even in the coldest conditions.

    Easy to Use
    The X4 drives features a user-friendly keypad which makes operation simple. The easy-to-read display communicates operational status information as well as parameter names and settings in a clear, plain text, format making navigation and programming easier than ever.

    Every X4 Drive comes with a 3-year warranty!

    X4 Series Rugged Drives offer:

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