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  • V100 MultiPurpose Industrial Variable Speed Drives

    The V100 is available in 0.55 to 90 kW (0.75 - 125 HP) 230V and 1.1-160 kW (1.5 - 200 HP) 500V. The wall-mountable drive modules are easy to install and operate, with IP21/UL Type1 provided as standard. Options include IP54/UL Type12 and flange mounting. Standard features include built-in I/O with 3 option slots, integrated RS-485 and Ethernet-based communications, conformal coating and robust motor control features for reliability.

    Easy Integration
    The V100 is easily integrated with your plant’s automation system using standard communication protocols including Modbus RTU (RS-485), Modbus TCP (Ethernet), BACNet MSTP, BACNet IP, ProfinetIO, Metasys N2, and Ethernet IP. Click-in fieldbus options facilitate integration to traditional systems using Profibus DP, DeviceNet, CANOpen & LONWorks.

    Increased Safety
    The optional Safe Torque Off (STO) feature prevents the drive from generating torque on the motor shaft and prevents unintentional start-ups. Safe Stop 1 (SS1) initiates motor deceleration and initiates the STO function after an application specific time delay.

    Long Lifespan
    A typical V100 drive has a lifetime of 300,000 to 1 million hours in normal operation. With V100 your drives no longer need to be part of your standard maintenance program. And, you can keep a backup spare without worrying about capacitor shelf life.

    Easy Installation
    V100’s rubber-sealed power cabling includes 360 degree internal grounding clamps; no external cable clamps are required. Removable connectors facilitate field signal connection. Setup is quick & easy with configuration wizards, embedded help menus, and a simple, intuitive user interface.

    Every V100 Drive comes with an 18-month warranty!

    V100 MultiPurpose AC Drives offer:

  • V100 LIVE Software

    V100 LIVE is a Windows-based program for setup, commissioning, monitoring, control, service and data collection for V100 drives. Drive parameters can be configured, downloaded and saved to a file, then downloaded to another drive to save time. Online monitoring provides an oscilloscope view of an unlimited number of variables. Stop/start/reverse commands, frequency reference and fault restart can all be done from the PC, and a Service file containing parameters, active faults and fault history, and serial numbers means hassle-free troubleshooting and diagnosis. Real-time data logging of up to 8 variables with file storage can be continuous or trigger-based. And drive customization using a library of 38 function blocks makes logic programming quick and easy.

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