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  • Micro-Tools Configuration Software for 53MC5000

    The Micro-Tools 53MT6000 is a PC-based configuration and programming software toolkit designed for the 53MC5000 Process Control Station. This Windows-based software package provides the user tools to perform the simplest pre-configured Flexible Control Strategy designs to the development of complex sequence driven F-TRAN program designs. Micro-Tools is equipped with easy to use windows and menus designed to flow intuitively from the start of a project to its completion. Micro-Tools runs under Windows 2000 Professional™ Windows XP™ and Windows 7™

    Micro-Tools Configuration Software offers:

    • Easy-to-use windows and menus for intuitive operation from the start of a project to its completion
    • Simplified configuration through a Windows graphical interface with drag-and-drop Function Blocks
    • Context-sensitive online help and programming for easy implementation and testing of control strategies

  • LoopMaster Configuration Software for 53SL6000 Micro-Mite

    The LoopMaster uses a “point and click” approach to configure the 53SL6000 Micro-Mite Single Loop Controller. With this software’s ready-made configuration logic diagrams, it couldn’t be easier to see the connections between function blocks or customize any strategy quickly. Micro-Mite controllers can be configured in “realtime” over a Micro-DCI DataLink network or created and modified off-line without connection to a controller, then downloaded later. Any Micro-Mite database can also be uploaded for modification, backup and transfer to another controller. LoopMasterruns under 2000 Professional™ Windows XP™ and Windows 7™.

    LoopMaster Software offers: